Specialty Areas

Civil Law

Dr. Gottlieb has testified and consulted to both plaintiff and defense counsel regarding a wide variety of civil matters including: sexual harassment; discrimination; personal injury, and wrongful death. His work has involved the evaluation of the work of opposing experts, assessment of alleged victims and testimony as a pure expert.

Because of his expertise in the ethics of mental health professionals, Dr. Gottlieb has testified and consulted regarding a variety of professional malpractice issues in civil, criminal and administrative matters.

Criminal Law

In the criminal arena, Dr. Gottlieb specialized in cases surrounding sexual misconduct. He has extensive experience in cases involving allegations of child sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. He has served as a pure expert regarding the credibility of child witnesses and evaluated victims. In these areas, he has worked for both the prosecution and defense.

Family Law

Dr. Gottlieb has extensive experience in family law matters. He has served as a court appointed child custody evaluator on numerous occasions and has also been retained to consult regarding the expert testimony of others and to offer second opinions. He is well versed in issues such as relocation, parental alienation, allegations of child abuse and domestic violence.